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Merique & Johannes Engagement Shoot

Bright and Bubbly, Love and Happiness.

All words I can use to describe these two amazing people. I had such fun doing this shoot and I'm quite sure they had too :)

Aren't they beautiful? And how gorgeous is that ring?

I deliberately chose to get the sunrays in some of their photos because it just captures the two of them so perfectly - bright and happy.

He doesn't have a care with the camera, all his attention is focused on his fiancé, just as it should be. Just look at the love in his expression. I love capturing the pure and real moments like that so much!

When night fell we had some fun in the studio as well.

Just look at them - completely lost in their own world. I was so happy to do this shoot, to capture their love for each other. It's a big part of why I love photography - capturing the beauty and love and memories all around us.

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