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Family Photoshoot in Pretoria East

Here are a few photos from a family shoot I did at Kimiad Golf Estate in Pretoria.

Okay how adorable is this family? We had such a fantastic time strolling around Kimiad taking photos and finding beautiful little spots to play in.

This little guy just loved the camera, especially sticking his tongue out at me. I think this might be my favourite shot - it's so cheeky.

And he had a lot of fun playing with the toys mom and dad had packed.

On my family shoots, especially with young children, I make sure to tell my families to just have fun - you are on an outing with your loved ones and I'm just here to capture it. So go ahead - play and have fun.

Dance around if you want, I'm here to capture the happiness. How beautiful does mom look in this photo?

It's a love squish! I prompted mom and dad to squish their son between them in a hug filled with all the love. Just look at those happy smiles.

Mom and dad also got a few photos for themselves. I don't know what he whispered in her ear there, but it definitely elicited a gorgeous laugh.

I just love capturing family moments, especially with young children because they grow up so quickly. Hope you guys had fun!

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