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Emotional Journey - An IVF Success Story

"As I typed my story I realized there was a lot of emotion in our journey."

"There is a lot of pain, anger, jealousy, resentment asking questions about what I did wrong"

The couple that shared these raw emotions with me about their IVF journey, had been trying to fall pregnant since 2009. Today they are parents to this beautiful princess.

Baby Girl red dress

Their journey was a long and bumpy one - going through four different doctors before ending up at the final doctor and with that mom's advice - do not go to the cheapest doctor, and ALWAYS trust your instinct.

toddler red and denim dress

"People also don't understand that when they ask you why you don't try for a baby and you say you are trying."

One of the most automatic and usually well-meaning questions that people ask, could also be the reason someone cries themselves to sleep that night.

If you cried yourself to sleep, take a moment, have a look, and know - there is hope.

And if you know someone that is going through IVF or any form of infertility problems, sometimes all they need is someone to listen. To have a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. We lovely, imperfect humans are not made to be alone.

ivf success toddler red dress

The journey is not an easy one. But listening to these stories I am in awe of how strong, how resilient humans can be. Especially if the end of the journey could have such a ray of sunshine and happiness.

Could have such magic.

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