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Boost your confidence and connect to you

If you had the opportunity to do a photoshoot that connected you to who you truly are, that connected you to that beautiful soul inside, what would that look like?

I asked this question of Andrea and her answer was, in her studio, working on designs, dressed in her favourite outfit. This was her happy space.

Female Designer, monochrome

For you, it might look like a boudoir shoot to regain your confidence, or getting dressed up in cosplay to give voice to your creativity. Or maybe you need a cathartic cake smash or smash that dress.

This is the idea behind my new Connect Photoshoots. Connecting with who you are.

For Liezl this golden goddess shoot was all about feeling beautiful in her own skin and giving her confidence a big boost.

The seed for Connect Photoshoots was planted at the start of the year while I was on holiday. I saw this person vacationing and something told me to approach her for a shoot.

She said yes, and the next morning I joined Lexi for a morning meditation and spiritual connecting.

This idea was also fueled by my own experiences, having been told more than once that I have become so used to adapting to my environment and the people around me, that I lost sight of who I was.

If I can make it back to myself, and celebrate the person I truly am, you can too and I would absolutely love helping you celebrate the true you.

Get in touch for a Connect Photoshoot and let's celebrate who you truly are.

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