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(BIG) Family Photo Shoot in East Rand

Sometimes my shoots are mom, dad, and baby. Or a couple of toddlers running about. And then I get a big family shoot like this one! It's definitely a lot more work, a lot more organizing and running about, but I love capturing all the family dynamics.

Family of fourteen, grandparents, parents and grandchildren

I was pretty certain I would have to photoshop in some of the energetic kids to get a full family photo, but then everyone came together for this shot.

Grandparents and two grandchildren

Grandma and grandpa having fun with their grandchildren.

Baby with blue eyes

Just look at this cutie!

Six kids sitting in a row from youngest to eldest

This photo was specifically requested by grandma. I think baby is wondering when he can go have his nap...

Woman and child laughing

This little lady kept running away from the camera and wasn't at all pro getting photographed, so I was doubly happy when I got this special (and happy!) photo.

Little brown haired boy throwing the camera with leaves

And with stubborn boys sometimes you just have to tell them - "I bet you can't throw me with leaves,"

Grandpa and grandma with their six grandchildren

I was 100% exhausted after this shoot, but it was such fun! Just look at all those smiles!

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