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Alyssa & Devin - IVF Success Story

"I am so happy the other treatments didn't work out, because otherwise we would not have been blessed with the twins."

Twins on a boat

This is the amazing revelation that Alyssa and Devin's mum, Sharona, shared with me when I talked to her about her IVF journey.

And just have a look at what bundles of joy these two are.

Little boy pretending to fish in a river

Sharona talked about the importance of talking to people, of having a support system in place - don't try and struggle through it alone, because you definitely are not alone.

She also stressed keeping faith and believing that it will happen when it does.

Little girl looking through a fence

I started on this personal photography project specifically because two of my friends brought IVF and struggles with infertility to my attention. And I realised how many people in my life, close friends, people I only met once or twice, struggled with infertility.

And every day I would find someone on social media asking for just a little hope - just one person's success story.

Little boy running down a pathway, sunlight

I wanted to help. Through my own struggles with depression, I know how important it is to know you are not alone in your journey, whatever that may be. And what a difference it can make knowing there is always hope.

Girl playing in the leaves

I focus my photography on finding the magic in every day, and I hope that you find a little magic, and hope, in these photos of Alyssa and Devin, two of the most beautiful, energetic twins I ever met, and just one of many IVF success stories.

Twin siblings hugging

If you would like to be a part of my IVF success story photography project - pop me an email at

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